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July 02, 2008


Frisch's Big Boy

Brilliant! I am sad to admit this is true. I am also sad to admit there are homeschoolers whose habits may inspire legitimate questions about socialization. We need to educate each other so we recognize the pros and cons of all systems. Public school socialization involves good things, but also has wedgies, drug sales and inappropriate student-teacher relations. Yet, I don't consider the latter, negative issues a way to characterize public school. Likewise, there are home schoolers who learn little or are closed-minded Bible-Bangers or who have the social skills of dry ice, but then there are others, like Jill's kids. Jill you do a great job, and no one can take that away from you. Respectfully submitted by Frisch's Big Boy - a publicly schooled, home-schooling Dad with a genius wife.


I am totally a first time reader and a homeschooler. This made me laugh really hard and then even HARDER when you brought up the vegetarians and protien because i AM a vegetarian and THAT IS SO WHAT PEOPLE SAY--right after they ask me what my kids will do if we ever let them out in public. Oh and since i used to BE a public school teacher, we are considering entering the Former Teacher's protection Program. There will be liederhosen. Thanks for the laugh.

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