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March 14, 2008



I know!!! OMG I read "The power of now" because it had a lot of hype around it. I tried 3 times to read it and never got more than half way though. By the end of it I had just decided I didnt even want to know about the world he was going on about. I back you all the way and couldnt have said it better myself.

First Wife

I HATE Oprah and have only watched her once in about 10+ years. She is so pompous how can anyone stand her?!?!?!?!
I know...
They like to find reasons why they shouldn't like themselves...from someone who is a gazillionaire who can pay people to do all the things she doesn't want to--so she can tell everyone how they could improve their lives if only they thought like her!
Blech!!! I'd rather be a Christian than a New Age bullshit artist--and as you know, that's saying something :)

First Wife

And another thing!

Since when should women ever, EVER! listen to a man's philosophical musing on the inner workings of the female mind when it comes to rape, oppression and CHILDBIRTH.
Give me a break.


shhhh!!! She might hear you.... I mean, are we really allowed to say these kind of things?? Be careful!

Love you as always for your diplomatic beating around the bush (there's a visual for you)


Oh...and by "she" I meant the "O" word. We little David housewives with our sticks and stones are no match for the mighty Oliath. So ixnay on the prah-O-AY. Oh look..even in pig latin her name is spiritual. Prahoay for us all, O mighty O.

Roger Hoffman

Love the Blog JB! It's been a long time since I enjoyed those hillarious, captivating, meandering mindworks. Keep up the good work!


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