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October 24, 2005


Renee Anker

I sincerely hope that I am not included in that odious crowd you referred to as "...when I am with wealthy people, I just think it is cool they let me play with their toys and look at their cool stuff and I am mostly just awed by the things they can do or have done to get them (like balance their checkbooks for starters) and I feel lucky they let me come over and play with them".
Because if you are, I won't love you anymore.
GET A LIFE! every grown-up feels that they are not a 'real-world' grown-up. We all have these ideas. I just spent a couple of days with a friend who spoke about how it felt to be someone in the professional business world--who couldn't believe that they had any right to be there.
STOP SINGULAR-IZING YOUR NEUROSIS!!! Unless, of course, stopping your neurotic fits also stops your blogging nature. In that case, you may keep your laundry lists of neurotic tics.
The offer is on!!!!! I am celebrating with candy and a manhattan. Vive le difference!
Your pal, First Wife

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