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September 15, 2005



Here is a good statistic for you should you find yourself in future Teflon discussions:

There were approx. 6,328,000 car accidents in the US in 2003 and 42,643 deaths.
An average of 115 persons die each day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States -- one every 13 minutes.
I believe automobile use has killed more people than Teflon--which has killed...hmmm...I don't know...let's see...NO ONE!

Amy Clark

Jill, Jill, Jill....my dear and forever friend. I already know your wierdness and embrace it as I embrace my own. (Although, you are definitely more wierd than I - haha). How many years will I say to you that you are all that you need to be...JUST AS YOU ARE! You, all of you, in any shape, size, and color are what make you YOU! Someday, when we are old and gray (by the way, why don't you have any gray hair...or wrinkles for that matter?) I will wait with baited (sp?) breath to hear you tell me that you are finally settled, at peace, and totally OK with your wonderfully made body (and everything else that is Jill). I WILL hear that from you someday...and you know I am very strong willed...I will it to be so!

Always your friend....Amy

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